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Related post: Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 15:19:51 -0700 (PDT) From: Flcl flcl Subject: Rafello the Raven Son of Jack The loli taiwan Wolf: Chapter 6Here is Chapter 6 of "Rafello the Raven Son Of Jack The Wolf". Hope everyone is having as much fun reading my loli en bikini story as I am writing it! Enjoy! Any darkcollection loli and all comments are welcome just send them to: P.S. I'm single. (hint hint) Email me for info. Chapter 6: "...I don't remember what happened that day..." Friday came. Marlette and Jack decided to give Rafello a free lolitta fuck small lolit incest portal party to show that they were glad he was living up to the Chance Mafia's expectations. They planned to just have a small get sex loli pic together, but they decided not to lolicon comic download because they figured he young porn free loli would want to go out with his friends. Mike and Thomas had come over on Tuesday asking about Ra. They told him he would be back on Saturday. Friday night, everyone was at home. The cooks made steak and lobsters. They ate good that night.Saturday came. Sara pulled up to Kakashi's in the Rolls Royce . Rafello came out of the front door of the Japanese style school. It was 6am. They wanted to get him in time for breakfast. Jack and Marlette stepped out of the car. He could hear the sound of steel hitting steel in the distance. Instead of going up to the front door, they walked to the side of the school. The school was in the middle of the forest. They had a hard time getting through all of the Japanese maple porno loli 3d trees and bamboo that russian underage loli Kakashi planted, but there was a path that helped them find their way. In the back of the school was a brick paved area on the back of the school. It was very large. Jack spotted Rafello and Kakashi sparing with Japanese swords. They were moving kinda fast. Ra had no shirt on, neither pedo lolicon xxx did master Kakashi. They both had on baggy black pants and some type of long, white scarf wrapped around their lower stomach. Jack and Marlette walked closer and called his name."Rafello, my loli 13 boy! How's it going?" Jack said.Ra and Kakashi stopped and looked in their direction. Master Kakashi said something in Japanese to Ra and he bowed and left towards his parents. Kakashi walked over to the back part of the school where there was a wooden table. Ra walked up to his parents. They got a close look at him. He had cuts all over his young loli hardcore chest."You ok son?" Jack asked."Yeah I'm just ready to go." Ra said."Well say goodbye to Kakashi till tomorrow and we can go.""It's ok. He knows its time for my break." Rafello asian loli vids said. Then he hugged his mother and walked towards the car. Jack waved to Kakashi and then followed Ra to the car.Sara drove them home. Breakfast was being served. When they opened the door to the dining room, everyone was already there, all waiting for Ra's return."Big brother!" Jackie said with enthusiasm."Hey, Bro!" Valentine said."Yeah I'm back everyone. Now can we lolite kids porno eat? I've eaten little of nothing in the last week but rice and water." Rafello said. Nikki was there but she said nothing."Breakfast is served." The cook said as he brung out a platter of bbs lolits food and put it on the table.Ra, jack and Marlette sat down at the table and made them a plate. Everyone else did the same."So how was your first week in training?" Jack asked.There was a silence at first but then he decided to answer."It was...It was hard." Ra said, not trying to say much."Ha, haaa. You can do pedo loli bbs it son, nothings too hard, not even Kakashi's advanced training." Jack said as he put his fork up to his mouth."Well, Kakashi is very...intense. The loli baby porn photo moment I got there we started training. We started on loli nude kidz regular fighting techniques. He said I have to learn the basics before I can learn his `Wolf's Rain' technique. It's really hard. He taught me how to effectively use a flexible bamboo pole. He says it usually takes most people years to nude pics lolitta learn what I did that day. We fought until 4am the next day. He then gave me 4 hours sleep break after he gave me my dinner of rice and water. My bed was a mat extreem lolicon on the floor. It took me a long time to go to sleep. I think I got like an hour and a half of sleep when master Kakashi woke me up taking about more training."Ra took a sip of his orange juice and ate some of his food voraciously. "Then he taught me gymnastics and yoga to make my body more flexible for the advanced bamboo techniques. We did that all day. Literally. He gave me a lolicon hentai pics series of 5 minute young lolit pic amsterdam breaks. He never seemed to break or nude lolitta erotica sweat let alone get tired."He stopped and ate some more. He never put loli girl suckers his glass favorit loli kdz down. His movements were super teen loli swift, the way he moved loli thai girl the fork and spoon with such dexterity. Ra continued,"That night he made me sleep on a board and put a 50 pound block of ice on my stomach. He showed me how to make my body almost invulnerable, but he only gave me one lesson with that. The next day we got up lolits mpg at 4 in the morning... I can't remember what we did that day for some reason..." Ra drifted off and ate some more food." But any ways, We started lolicon top list going over sword techniques and every been doing that every since. Everyday he would make me study from this scroll. He also teaching me some Japanese, but he says it will take years to learn everything about being a real ninja , now he is just introducing me to it all.""I guess you were busy." Jack said.They ate and free japanese lolity clips talked among themselves. When they were through eating, Jack told Ra to meet him up in his room. Ra walked upstairs to his parents room. It was larger than his and more lavishly decorated. The room had mostly dark colors, dark blues, reds and oranges. Jack met him up there after loli kds porn five minutes."Ra, its time for us to bbs loli links start." Jack said. He had a young fucking lolit 1 box in his loli rompl hand. "Its time to start your training as a hit lolitta preteen masterbation man." He walked closer to him and opened the loli fuck with dogs box. There were two large guns both of them chrome plated."Cool!" Ra said with a grin on his face."Now see, I didn't want to start you on the 007 shit, lolitta angel xxx PP7's and Wolfram's. This here is a Desert Eagle." Jack took one out of the box and kissed it. "This here is my favorite gun. I am a professional marksman; I have nearly perfect aim with this gun. I became a pro when I was 20 years old, my old man taught me. Now its time for loli model kids me to teach you." Jack handed Rafello the other Desert Eagle. "Follow me outside to the shooting range son."They lolicon hentai free pic left out of home porn lolit the house. It was peaceful outside picture porn lolits and little russian loli only 7 in the morning. They went out of the back door of the mansion. The back yard resembled the nice loli portals English countryside. There was a huge free lolicon cartoon incest field with look lolit nude tall, deciduous trees along the edge of it. Ra loved it. They started walking across the field. There was dew on the grass, even in todays warm summer morning. They walked in silence. Ra wanted to take his time; he rarely went for a walk to the other side of the field. As preteen loli 12 he walked he noticed a single gravestone in the exact center of the field. It was marked, "Charlie, Man's True Best Friend". It hurt Ra to see this gravestone because lolits mpegs in it lies the only thing he truly loved; his dog Charlie. Rafello stopped to look at it, loli bbs board Jack did not notice and kept on walking.Charlie had died when Ra was only 12. He got him as a gift on Christmas when he was 8 years old."This is yours Ra, all yours. What will you name him?""Charlie, Charlie Chance."Ra shed a tear. He was taught never to cry unless you absolutely had to. He tried to hold it back, but more memories of Charlie arose in him.He would play with his puppy everyday. It was his best friend. Being rich was very lonely. Is parents were always gone off doing business. His older brother and sister had their own lives. It was just Ra, his one toddler brother and the servants. They would play in the field virgin lolipop girls from the time he got up to the time he went to sleep. Charlie free lolicon rape stories was a Siberian husky, part wolf. Jack didn't know that at the time. All loli lolas Ra saw was his beautiful grey coat with lines top bbs loli of black through it. It had odd blue eyes. Rafello would always pet him and comb him. When Charlie got older, Jack would take them on his hunting trips to let them see what it was lolitta boy like to be hunter, loli breast like his great, great, great grandfathers in Africa was. Ra often had fun on these trips. One winter day when he Ra was 12 years old, Jack took Ra and Charlie on an overnight lolitta pussy gallery hunting trip in the woods near the teen loli modell mansion. They let Charlie run free as usual. Jack had his rifle out that night, looking at the stars and he saw a wolf. It was lolicon sex games coming towards the tent. Jack stood up. loli bbs pre tgp He didn't want to alarm the child in the tent. The wolf pedo cp loli got closer and started running towards him. He didn't want to kill the wolf, so he hit it with the edge of the rifle. It fell to the ground but quickly got back up and bit Jack hard on his leg^┼he loli nude 14y had no choice. He pointed the rifle down to the wolf, but the wolf was so close and the gun was so long that the barrel sat on top of its skull. There was a short whimper from the wolf loli models xxx then a loud boom from the gun. Ra woke up and looked outside. It was pitch-black except for the little moonlight that shone through the trees. free loli asian video Ra had his flashlight and turned it on. He saw his father covered with blood^┼and the wolf on the ground with a clean hole in its head. The wolf had blue eyes^┼Since then, Ra never had loli girls sex another pet. His life was loli fuck links lonely, cold, and ready for his job as a hit man. Ra got up off of loli gateway bbs his knees and dusted them off. He gave the head stone one last look, then he turned and ran to catch up with his father. lolis tgp For some strange reason, every since the accident, winter was Ra's favorite season.They finally reached the shooting range. The sky had got cloudy and started to drizzle a bit. The shooting range was a building on the far side of the field, in the woods. It was a regular concrete block building. It wasn't very big. They walked inside."This here son is where your first bit of training will start." Jack said as he turned on the lights. He hit a lolit i am fool button that was on a control panel on the other side of the room and the lights came on in the section where the targets were. Jack walked back over to Ra. Ra still had his gun in his hand. "Feel free to just shoot around. When you get good enough I can put you onto the target test." Jack said.Ra took his gun and sweet loli pedo walked over to target section. It was a big red and white normal target. Ra closed one eye and pointed the gun right at the target. He squeezed the trigger. BLAM! The bullet made a big hole close to the center of the target."Pretty good son! Keep paradise loli kds this up and you can loli nymphets sites be as good as I am in no time." Jack said. He went over to a closet and pulled out another Desert Eagle and walked back to the range where Ra was standing. He stood next to him and aimed his gun at the red and white target next to Ra's. He put both guns in front of him unleashed 4 bullets from each of lolicon picture bbs the black lolitta pics guns in an alternating loli fuckpics pattern, left right left right. All of them hit the bull's eye on forum loli pthc the target."I want you to keep at this until one o-clock ok? Don't stop. I'll be right here if you need more bullets. If you want to try using a different gun just ask me. By your next break from Kakashi, you can start the moving targets." Jack said. He stood against the wall and watched his son shoot each target as it popped loli darkcollection up. Each time he shot, he got closer and closer to the bull's eye. He would hit every other lolicon sample videos time. Jack would come up to Ra and give him little lolicon kdz advice.Ra tried many of the weapons. The assault loli angels fuck tgp riffle, the PP7, a few automatics, and a variety of shotguns, but he liked the desert eagle the best. Rafello had learned how to brace himself from the recoil and learned how to shot two at once like his father did. It was nearing one-o-clock. Ra remembered loli fuck 14 his date with Eli. He would have to bbs posted lolit go early on his date because he had to be back to Kakashi at 6 tomorrow morning."Uh dad, I have to go meet some lolitta insest schollgirl of my friends at the movies. You know I haven't seen them in a while." Ra young lolit porn said nude lolicon pictures as he finally put down the gun."Well. Ok. You've made lolite pussy lots of progress in the last week with Kakashi. He's really whipping you into shape, That's why I convinced him to let you have Saturday and Sunday off next time. " Jack said examining Ra's young body. Ra looked at himself. He had lost a lot of weight, but he wasn't big in the first place. He was much leaner, and his muscles showed through more. He never really noticed it while he was being worked to death by Kakashi."Could I have some more money? The last bit lolicon angels hentai you gave me got... stolen while I was best lolit angels at the beach." Ra asked."Sure, we just got the taxes back from the Cubans. They had more than we thought. Follow me to the xxx asian loli pedo house." Jack said.They walked back to the hose the same way they came. They passed the old grave stone again. Ra stopped to hear his dog bark once again in the faint wind, viedos loli but he couldn't. He kept on walked behind his father. The rain was still coming down. Both of their clothes were soaked by the time they teen loli pussy reached the mansion. They walked over to the safe behind the fireplace. Rafello was amazed to see all of the gold. Jack picked up a bar of the gold."Ten of these bars are yours Rafello since you are now a part of the Mafia, but, since you are still young, I will buy your portion for two thousand a bar." Jack said.. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash."Here's a grand for now. Have hentai search engine lolicon fun with your friends and if you have any problems, don't forget I got your back ok. Next time someone tries to steal from you I give you my full permission to beat that person into submission. Ok?" Ra nodded. "Good boy. Your car is still in the garage. It already lolicon bbs child sex has gas in it.""Cool!" Ra said. Rafello was a man of few words. He said only enough to get his point through. Kakashi was a great teacher. In only one week, he taught Ra to be a man, Japanese style, the way of the Samurai.Ra went up to his room cgi bbs loli and called Eli."Hi Eli. I just wanted to say I can't wait zeps bbs loli vombat for our date tonight, so, I think we should have it an hour earlier. Ok?" Ra said."Cool. Lets say seven then?""Ok. Meet me at the Star then. Look for my red Camero."Seven-o-clock came. Ra was parked outside looking for Eli., but instead Eli found him. He walked up to Ra's car and knocked on the window."Hi!" lolit modeling Eli said. It startled Ra a bit."Oh, hi!" Ra replied. He began to get out of the car."Wait, I was hentai loli forum thinking that maybe we should just skip the movie and have dinner and go to my place and talk." Eli said."Well ok." Ra said. He got back into the car and unlocked the passenger side door. Eli got in."So where should we go?" Ra asked."I know a good restaurant on the West side of town called `Chinese Garden' There really good. We can take it back to my place." Eli said."Cool, just tell me where its at.""Uh, 357..." Eli laughed as he realized what street it was on. "357 magnum street."Ra laughed and pulled out of the parking lot. A million thoughts running through his head. gallery lolis He litle teen lolitta had a plan, "I'll just have this one date with Eli and if something clicks, I'll be lolicon 3d models his boyfriend." he thought to himself.All the while Rafello didn't know that Nikki was trailing him. She stayed a short distance from Ra's car. Nikki had drove her dark green Honda Civic, which she never really drives and Ra is not used to seeing her in it."Ra must be with one of his little friends. They probably going to some club or titty bar. Damn! I'll still follow him, just in case he does something." Nikki thought. The little loli cuties anal radio was up laud. Ra also didn't know that Nikki had followed him to the shooting range. She noticed Ra had put his gun in his car somewhere too. Nikki wanted to find anything against her little brother.
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